Geneva Presentation Skills is the result of a meeting between 2 communication experts: Bénédicte Garel from HR-Evolutions and Eleni Theocharopoulos from turtle concept. We realised how complementary our talents and professional experiences were and decided to create a new approach to public speaking classes. Till now, in Geneva, one could find several coaching courses around the "presentation" subject. All very interesting, they focused either on power point presentations, or on practicing public speaking as if it was a theatre act. There was still something missing... something that would help the speaker feel confident and engage its public.

We both agreed: it shouldn't be either - or... it should be all!

By integrating the emotional side, the presence, the voice and the visual support into one mix, we created a new training method that will help you overcome your "stage" stress, stand tall and confident, move smoothly, speak accordingly to your passion, and finally enable you to visually empower your presentations. CPVM was specifically designed to help you acquire presence, center your energy and work with the audience to keep their involvement alive. The training will give you the basics of public speaking and then show you how to make them a habit for your mind and body in order to acquire your own personal style when presenting.