the IN-HOUSE group training

Geneva Presentation Skills offers a 6-week in-house training where we meet once a week from 18:30-21:00 at our premises. During the training, participants will learn the basics of our CPVM method and practice in front of a small group. The aim of the training is to help each participant develop a professional yet personal style when presenting in public as well as to communicate effectively key messages.

The interactivity of a group creates awareness of current strengths and weaknesses as well as their impact. Through the training, self confidence is improved and with the help of our method, participants get rid of undesired gestures and possible stress. Indeed, CPVM is strongly recommended for individuals that feel very uncomfortable when they present.

Whether you are an executive presenting in front of large groups and small meetings, or a sales person that is looking for the extra confidence at the moment of the sale, the in-house group training will help you feel at ease and create impactful presentations

The cost of the IN-HOUSE training is chf 1950.- + VAT (50% at registration, and 50% before the first class).

3 Dimensional Approach

  • Learn to manage emotions
  • Learn to look confident
  • Use engaging visual support

the "DAY" group training at our premises

Geneva Presentation Skills "Day Training" is a full-day training designed for participants that do not have the time to join the evening classes. During this day, participants have the chance to go through the basics of the CPVM method related to stress and body language, allowing them to gain confidence and look professional. Once the day training completed; Participants can register for our Practice Evenings and improve their skills at their pace.

The cost of the Day Training is 650.-chf + VAT
(50% at registration, and 50% before the first class).

the TEAM training at your premises

Geneva Presentation Skills also offers trainings upon request at a company's premises.

The CPVM method is adapted to the group's goals and needs and focus is given in preparing the group to present as a team. There's no prerequisite for participating to the class and a minimum of 5 participants is suggested in order to keep the feeling of a "group". If you are interested in hosting a training at your company please contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss further your specific needs (+41.22.510.3475).

the EXECUTIVE training

This is a tailor-made training for executives.

After evaluating the participant's needs and goals, we carefully define and adapt the CPVM method according to the trainee's schedule, area of expertise and needs. Particular attention is given to the body language and voice tone which is adapted to the emotions one would like to communicate to the public. The executive training follows the same principles as the In-house group training and targets the individual goals of the trainee.

If you are ready to find your style, feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting (+41.79.366.8938).

How to present ONLINE

Presenting online may be challenging when it comes to captivating your audience and communicating effectively your messages.

Geneva Presentation Skills has engineered a training to help you:

- look more photogenic: how to setup your space in order to present in a more impactful space
- connect with your audience
- own your space when presenting online, have presence to your public and to your messages
- use your voice to have more impact when you present online.
- use the hands to have an impactful non-verbal communication

The training takes place through 4 sessions of 1.5h each.
Trainings have a maximum of 4 participants to ensure quality of the progress

The cost of the ONLINE training is chf 550.- (50% at registration, and 50% before the first class).

the PITCH training

This training has been designed for people who need to pitch often ideas and startup founders. We focus on the message flow as well as its impact and then work on body language to present effectively a pitch.

The pitch training is on demand and takes place over 4 sessions of 2 hours eachTo reserve a spot, please email us at

The cost of the practice evening is chf 850.- + VAT


Our public speaking workshops take place during lunch in the center of Geneva (12:15 - 13:45). Our aim is to introduce participants to the different composants of our CPVM method:

Getting rid of your stress when speaking in public + VOICE

This workshop is designed to help you get rid of useless stress that may interfere with your performance when speaking in public. We will then see how you can interact efficiently with your public by using correctly the different tones of your voice.

Presence + using hands effectively to communicate a message

The training is designed to help you: - Acquire presence when speaking in public and during your meetings. - Give a meaning to your hands when presenting

We will go through techniques and tips that will allow you to have presence, to anchor yourself and to take all the place you need in order to present successfully your subject. We will also use presence to establish a link with your public in order to make your presentation more memorable.

Tips for presenting in French for non-natives

We will go through tips and specially designed exercises to help you practice and give a clear presentation in French for non-natives (pronunciation, cultural habits etc...).

Tips for presenting in English for non-natives

We will go through tips and specially designed exercises to help you practice and give a clear presentation in English for non-natives (pronunciation, cultural habits etc...).

The cost of the workshop 150CHF + VAT due at registration


We have created 4 online workshops to help you understand the dynamics of presenting online:

3. THE VOICE: and how to use it at your advantage. During the workshop we will do some exercises that will allow you to understand the impact your voice may have online; we will also work on silences and the pace of a presentation
4. HANDS: how to improve non verbal communication

Each workshop last 1.5h and they take place on a daily basis.

The cost of workshop is chf 125.- chf (50% at registration, and 50% before the first class).


The practice day has been designed for individuals that have already been through one of our trainings and are familiar with the CPVM method. Every 6 - 8 weeks we gather at our presmises from 18:00-21:00 and present in front of a small group. This allows the trainees to practice the CPVM method and fine tune their presentation skills.

The cost of the practice evening is chf 150.- + VAT

the TEENS training

The basics of public speaking have been specially re-designed for teenagers in a 4 week training to help young people in high-school prepare for their final oral exams. Whether they are 15 or just about to pass their IB/maturité, our goal during this training is to teach them how to overcome their stress, stay confident and manage their time during the exam in order to successfully give the best they have. Our main focus is to teach "how" to say something during the exam and not "what" to say; therefore, the basics acquired during the "teens" training may be used for all oral exams and not specifically for one class.

Teens training is available in english and in french and takes place once a week during a 4 week period. One can participate in both classes (en + fr) if they wish to practice further and master their skills. Classes take place from 16:00-18:00 at our premises and the cost is 850.-chf (payment at registrations).

* in case you are interested at creating a group of 6 participants with the same exam goals, we can adapt the class according to a revision plan defined at the beginning of the training.